Why set big goals?


Why set big goals? Now that is a good question.
Setting big goals makes life more challenging and interesting. To pursue a really big goal brings out the best in a person, causing them to grow in knowledge, skills and character. Individual uniqueness is gained by setting big goals, while the masses go with the flow, conform and achieve the average result.

An individual that thinks big and sets big goals first grows in knowledge. Big goals are not reached by using your present knowledge alone. More knowledge will be needed to reach that far off goal, more than you have at present. Too many worry that they will not be able to find all the new knowledge that they will need to know, but that knowledge whatever it may be will always be found.

The new skills come as the new knowledge is first applied, then practised and reused, honed and perfected. The using of these new skills increases in speed and quality by repetition, repetition and more repetition. That very repetition, is so often the very secret of so many of the great successes. Practise, practise; then doing it, doing it, never resting or giving up; learn the new skills and keep on using these skills until you reach your goals.

When you reach your big goal you will not need anyone to tell you just how far you have come as a person and grown in character. To reach a big goal will mean doing many things that the average will not do, putting in the time to learn the new knowledge, putting in the time to master the new skills and putting in the continued time and effort to arrive at your big goal.

There are so many very good reasons for setting big goals, but to grow in knowledge, skills and character as a person is a good answer to the question, why set big goals?

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