Winners, losers and goal setting

This is a world of opposites, day and night, north and south, hot and cold; in fact you could write up a never ending list of opposites about this world of ours. Winners and losers are also opposites, losers are often – stuck to the past; chained and imprisoned almost by it. They are negative by nature; they complain and tell you why it is not fair. They will blame, blame, blame, it is never them. It is never their fault and will happily give you a long list of other people that are responsible for their failures.

Winners look forward in life, they take responsibility for their own lives. If they are not happy about something, then they do something to change it. If they cannot find a way to change it, then they will make a way to change it, they will not be beaten or accept what they do not want day in and day out.

Winners are creative, they use their minds to find the answers that will help them, whereas a loser will be keen to rest their mind from all their supposed troubles.

Before you complain about how wrong you think that I am, think what you are actually doing. Remember that losers blame and complain; winners are responsible for their own lives, they are creative –they find a way or make a way.

Think like a winner, talk like a winner, set goals like a winner and keep going until you reach them; be a winner.

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